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Research indicates that active mentorship improves the academic performance and social development of youth.  Data has shown that youth who are mentored are more confident in their schoolwork performance, better able to get along with their families, and less likely to begin using alcohol and illegal drugs.  It has also been shown that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is losing its already limited popularity among our nation’s youth; and particularly among urban, minority, and lower income families.  Statistics like these played a major role in the development of LEGACY, Inc. and drove the development of the LEGACY Mentors™ program.
The LEGACY Mentors™ program consists of an academic and social enrichment curriculum, in which the child and Mentor will collectively engage.   The program is designed to pair successful and upstanding adult males with middle school aged young men who can benefit from direct interaction with a positive male role model.  LEGAC Y Mentors™ will generally focus on the enhancement of STEM education with the academic topics and activities that we promote.  There will be prescribed activities that the volunteer Mentor will be expected to carry out with the child participant.   Such activities will include academic enrichment (such as study sessions and science fairs), cultural events (such as museum trips), as well as competitive sports activities.  The Mentor will also be expected to demonstrate, and be an example of, healthy eating and living practices for the child participant, expose the child to upstanding social behavior, and serve as a positive role model for the youth that they will inevitably influence.
It is our hope that LEGACY Mentors™ will serve the youth in our communities who need lasting and consistent examples of maturity and responsibility, and continue to demonstrate the efficacy of active and voluntary mentorship.  In addition, LEGACY Mentors™ is intended to inspire youth to continue to serve as examples for their peers and establish a legacy of their own.