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 The LEGACY Tutors™ program was established to help those youth in need of additional academic enrichment.  Through LEGACY Tutors™, LEGACY, Inc. volunteers free tutoring services throughout the DC metropolitan area, and will specifically work with middle and high schools to help identify the focus areas that can best be served by this program.  LEGACY Tutors™ is available for individual as well as group session tutoring.


Individual tutoring sessions are available on a bi-monthly basis for the schools and/or libraries with which LEGACY, Inc. has partnered with; students sign up on a “first-come first-serve” basis.  LEGACY Tutors™ specializes in providing assistance in areas such as science, mathematics, and reading for general homework help or personal improvement.  The students are assigned to tutors whom have a solid background in the given areas of focus.


The LEGACY Tutors™ program will provide students with an opportunity to improve their scholastic performance as well as become familiar with real-life topics that will help to prepare them for future real-world applications upon graduation.  Our goal is to provide conscientious, capable, and consistent tutors dedicated to seeing that the LEGACY Tutors™ program indeed upholds the organizational mission to serve the youth of our communities.